HE7106 - Developing in Research Supervision


Developing in Research Supervision


20 CC   10 ECTS

Parkgate Road


Scheduled hours Placement Hours Independent Guided study
12 0 188

Participants are expected to attend all face-to-face sessions and to complete all online/guided study tasks structured around those sessions.

  • Roles and responsibilities of both superviser and student
  • Supervising dissertations on taught courses 
  • Transitions into research
  • Identifying and addressing ethical dilemmas in research and research supervision
  • Dealing with challenging circumstances in research supervision
  • Offering support and feedback to research students
  • Time management and ensuring timely completion

The module is designed to provide development in research supervision skills for existing and new research supervisers: principally in relation to supervising of postgraduate research degrees, with elements relevant also to supervising projects on taught programmes.  

This module adopts a case-based learning approach to the study of research supervision practices. Participants are encouraged to develop and explore their own positions and teaching practices in relation to these issues via small group activities, problem solving activities and exploration of case studies. Participants are also expected to engage in independent research and reading in relation to research supervision as part of their independent study.

  1. Demonstrate systematic understanding of the challenges of research supervision.
  2. Evaluate analytically their own approaches to supervising student research.
  3. Articulate their own decision-making processes and approaches to solving problems in complex research supervision situations. 
  4. Offer original and applied critiques of established approaches to research supervision in their own discipline area.

Component Weighting % Learning outcome(s) assessed Assessment category
1Written summary25%3Coursework

Resubmission of the failed component(s).

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Kate Litherland

LTI Module Assessment Board

Learning and Teaching Institute Board of Studies

Tue, 12 Mar 2019

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