TH4622 - The Bible and Christian Ministry


The Bible and Christian Ministry


20 CC   10 ECTS

Distance Learning: King's Evangelical Divinity School eCampus


48 hours tutor contact time 48 hours
152 hours of generated study time 152 hours

Students have access to an online discussion forum to communicate with tutors and other students, along with e-mail support from tutors. Where appropriate, telephone support is also available.
Scheduled hours Placement Hours Independent Guided study
48 0 152

Core course material is expected to be used fully and typically includes recorded lectures and reading of select textbooks, papers or book extracts. All students are expected to listen to all of the course lectures and read the required materials. A range of supporting teaching material is also available to students as further recommended learning options.

1. Introduction to practical theology; Models, frameworks and major contributors.

2. Specific Topics for explorations:

- The Bible, theology and vocational calling.

- Expressions and methods of Bible-based ministry.

- Interpretation and application of the Bible.

- Exegesis and preaching.

- Mission and evangelism.

- Christian worship and the Bible.

- Contemporary pastoral ministry.

  • To explore aspects of biblical exegesis and interpretation as it applies to practical theology
  • To provide students with an understanding of how church ministry relates to varying types of biblical text
  • To provide experience in biblical exegesis within an academic framework.
  • To develop skills in communicating viewpoints in the form of an academic assignment.
  • To introduce students to the core tasks of practical theology.

Audio lectures, guided reading, individual study, and individual support where appropriate. Students will prepare for assignments individually using interactive online learning material. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in online theological discussion on the eCampus Forum.


On completion of this module, students should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate understanding of the practical skills for the task of biblical exegesis and interpretation within the context of Christian ministry.
  2. Identify potential problems in the task of biblical interpretation as it pertains to Christian ministry.
  3. Identify important theological presuppositions in biblical exegesis and practice.
  4. Show knowledge and understanding of the preparation and presentation of work pertaining to homiletics.

Component Weighting % Learning outcome(s) assessed Assessment category
13000 word assignment100%1-4Coursework

As assessment

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Tue, 30 Jun 2020

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