FP3111 - Introduction to Marketing


Introduction to Marketing


20 CC   10 ECTS

Centre for Foundation Studies


Tutor contact: 66 hours

Self-directed study: 140 hours

Lectures, seminars, workshops

Scheduled hours Placement Hours Independent Guided study
60 0 140

Students are expected to attend all timetabled classes.

  • Introduction to Marketing Strategies
  • Understanding the Marketing Mix (product, price, place and promotion)
  • Influences on Target Market & Segmentation
  • Marketing events

  1. To introduce students to a range of Marketing concepts & principles.
  2. To develop students' understanding of the Marketing Mix in the modern world of business.
  3. To provide a foundation-level knowledge base of business marketing

Lectures accompanied by workshops, group work and in-class case study exercises. Formative assessment will be ongoing and will comprise activities that enable a student to appraise their own learning and guide them towards the development of self-study.

LO1 Recognise and interpret the role of marketing for a business scenario.

LO2 Describe marketing approaches that can be applied to a product and/or an event.

LO3 Identify and review a range of marketing tools and strategies. 

LO4 Demonstrate knowledge of the Marketing Mix.


Component Weighting % Learning outcome(s) assessed Assessment category
1Project (2000 words)100%1, 2, 3 & 4Coursework

Reassessment will use the same mode of assessment.

Blythe, J. (2012). Essentials of Marketing. (5th ed.). Harlow, UK: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

Blythe, J. (2014). Principles & Practise of Marketing. LA, California: Sage.

Brassington, F. & Pettitt, S. (2012). Essentials of Marketing. (3rd ed.). Harlow, UK: Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

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Kotler, P., Armstrong, G., Wong, V. and Saunders, J. (2014). Principles of Marketing. (15th ed.). Harlow, UK: Pearson.

Cath Edmondson

Centre for Foundation Studies

LTI Board of Studies

Mon, 18 May 2020

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