TH7613 - European Christianity, Zionism and the Modern State of Israel


European Christianity, Zionism and the Modern State of Israel


20 CC   10 ECTS

Distance Learning: King's Evangelical Divinity School eCampus


Recorded lectures / course material 10 hours
Independent study time 190 hours

Scheduled hours Placement Hours Independent Guided study
10 0 190

Core course material is expected to be used fully and typically includes recorded lectures and reading of select textbooks, papers or book extracts. All students are expected to listen to all of the course lectures and read the required materials. A range of supporting teaching material is also available to students as further recommended learning options.

  • European anti-Semitism and the rise, history and different expressions of political Zionism
  • History, thought and role of modern European Christian Zionism
  • European Christian views of the Jewish people and the role of the European churches in the Holocaust
  • Post-Holocaust theology and post-war Jewish-Christian dialogue
  • Birth of the modern State of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict
  • Modern Israeli demography, civil society, politics, culture and the military
  • Arabs-Israeli citizens and the politics of identity 
  • European Christian Zionism and Evangelical support for Israel
  • Emergence of European Evangelical Christian anti-Zionism, pro-Palestinian activism, BDS and disengagement from Israel
  • EU foreign policy and Israel
  • Religion in Israel (expressions of Judaism, Islam and Christianity)
  • The Holocaust debate in Israel 
  • Zionism and post-Zionism: can Israel be Jewish and democratic?
  • Theological and political problems with popular Christian Zionism and the search for a more nuanced and politically astute expression 

  • To systematically understand and critically evaluate scholarly viewpoints pertaining to early twentieth century European Christian expressions of philosemitism and their political contribution to the emergence of Christian Zionism
  • To enable students to research widely and reflect carefully upon leading academic scholarship on matters relating to European Christian expressions of anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism and their contribution to perceptions of the Jewish people in the lead-up to the Second World War and the Holocaust
  • To encourage students to appreciate and explore complexities and nuances in scholarly thought on research relating to understanding of the Second World War towards the Jewish people, the Modern State of Israel and Christian Zionism
  • To encourage a hermeneutically balanced and politically astute position vis-à-vis Israel among those identifying themselves as Christian Zionists, and to include an in-depth, sophisticated and systematic knowledge and understanding of modern Israeli society and politics
  • To encourage students to research, analyse and present extended academic writing with originality, independence, andcriticality suitable for MA level writing.

Audio lectures, guided reading, individual study, and individual support where appropriate. Students will prepare for assignments individually using interactive online learning material. Students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in online theological discussion on the eCampus Forum.

  1. A capacity to handle complex issues both systematically and creatively enabling the development of independent conclusions.
  2. An appreciation of a systematic range of scholarly viewpoints, and a capacity to explain and interact with nuance and originality.
  3. An ability to advance knowledge with originality and understanding, enabling a platform for further studies and research at MA level and beyond.

Component Weighting % Learning outcome(s) assessed Assessment category
15000 word assignment.100%1,2,3Coursework

As assessment

Colin Barnes, They Conspire Against Your People: The European Churches and the Holocaust (Broadstairs, Kent: King's Divinity Press and the Centre for Jewish-Christian Studies, 2014)

Guy Ben-Porat et al. Israel Since 1980 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Susannah Heschel,  The Aryan Jesus, Christian Theologians and the Bible in Nazi Germany (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2008)

Hillel Cohen, Army of Shadows: Palestinian Collaboration with Zionism, 1917-1948 (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2009)

Elvira King, The Pro-Israel Lobby in Europe, The Politics of Religion and Christian Zionism in the European Union (New York: IB Tauris, 2015)

Donald M. Lewis, The Origins of Christian Zionism: Lord Shaftesbury and Evangelical Support for a Jewish Homeland (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010)

Paul C. Merkley, Christian Attitudes Towards the State of Israel (Kingston, Ontario:McGill-Queens University Press, 2001).

Benny Morris, Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999 (New York: Random House, 2001)

Ilan Peleg and Dov Waxman, Israel's Palestinians: The Conflict Within (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011)

Colin Shindler,  A History of Modern Israel   (Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Elvira King and Colin Barnes

Theology and Religious Studies

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Tue, 02 Feb 2016

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