Bachelor of Engineering (Single Honours)
 Chemical Engineering (including Foundation Year)
 Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
 Electronic and Electrical Engineering (including Foundation Year)
 Electronic and Electrical Engineering
 Manufacturing Engineering (St Helens College)
 Manufacturing Engineering (including Foundation Year)
 Mechanical Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering (including Foundation Year)

Bachelor of Science (Single Honours)
 Applied Chemistry with Biotechnology (including Foundation Year)
 Applied Chemistry with Biotechnology
 Applied Computing (including Foundation Year)
 Applied Computing
 Chemistry (including Foundation Year)
 Computer Science (Southville Foreign University)
 Computer Science (IOM College)
 Computer Science (2017 onwards with Foundation Year)
 Computer Science (2014 curriculum)
 Computer Science (2017 onwards)
 Computer Science (Kensington College of Business)
 Computer Science (Laksamana College of Business)
 Cybersecurity (including Foundation Year)
 Games Development (including Foundation Year)
 Games Development
 Information Systems Management (Southville Foreign University)
 Information Systems Management
 Interactive Digital Media
 Mathematics and Computer Science
 Natural Sciences
 Physics with Materials Science (including Foundation Year)
 Physics with Materials Science
 Software Engineering (including Foundation Year)
 Software Engineering (3 year)
 Software Engineering (with year in industry) (2019 entry onwards)

Master of Computing (Integrated Master's)
 Computer Science (2017 onwards)

Master of Engineering (Integrated Master's)
 Electronic and Electrical Engineering
 Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Science (Combined Honours)
 Computer Science (IOM College)

Foundation Science Degree
 Computer Science
 Information and Communication Technology

Master by Research
 Applied Science

Master of Science
 Advanced Computer Science
 Computer Science
 Programme and Project Management
 Project Engineering (Oxford Academics)

Postgraduate Certificate
 Project Engineering (Oxford Academics)
 Teaching of Computer Science in Schools

Postgraduate Diploma
 Project Engineering (Oxford Academics)

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