Bachelor of Arts (Single Honours)
 Applied Theology (Regents Theological College - PHASE IN FROM 2017/18)
 Applied Theology (Regents Theological College)
 Applied Theology and Performing Arts (Regents Theological College - PHASE IN FROM 2017/18)
 Applied Theology and Performing Arts (Regents Theological College)
 Biblical Studies and Theology (Mattersey Hall College)
 Broadcast Production and Presenting
 Cultural Studies
 Design (FiDi)
 Drama and Theatre Studies
 English at Shrewsbury
 English Language
 English Language and Literature
 English Literature
 Fashion Design
 Fashion Marketing, and Communication
 Fine Art (3 year programme)
 Fine Art (University College Isle of Man)
 Fine Art (Wirral Metropolitan College)
 Fine Art (including Foundation Year)
 Fine Art Painting
 Game Art
 Graphic Design
 Graphic Design (including Foundation Year)
 Graphic Design St Helens College
 History University Centre Shrewsbury
 History & Heritage UCM
 History & Heritage Management with Manx Studies
 Illustration with Animation
 Interior Design (including Foundation Year)
 Interior Design
 Journalism [NEW]
 Journalism (including Foundation Year)
 Media (including Foundation Year)
 Modern Languages
 Music Journalism (including Foundation Year)
 Music Journalism
 Music Production and Promotion
 Musical Theatre Performance
 Performing Arts
 Photography (including Foundation Year)
 Photography (St Helens)
 Popular Music Performance
 Product Design
 Product Design (including Foundation Year)
 Religious Studies
 Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies
 Sports Journalism [NEW]
 Sports Journalism (including Foundation Year)
 Theology [UST]
 Theology and Religious Studies
 Theology and Religious Studies Bhaktivedanta College
 Visual Communication through Digital Media (University College Isle of Man)

Bachelor of Divinity (Single Honours)
 Bachelor of Divinity [IBC]

Bachelor of Theology (Single Honours)
 Bachelor of Theology [IBC]
 Theology (KEDS)

Bachelor of Arts (Level 6 only)
 Theology for Ministry (St. John's)

Bachelor of Theology (Level 6 only)
 Practical Theology: Ministry Development (Diocese of Chester)

Church Universities' Certificate (Level 4)
 Children's Ministry (Diocese of Chester)
 Christian Youth Work (Diocese of Chester)
 Ministry (Diocese of Chester)

Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honours)
 Advertising [NEW]
 Commercial Music Production [NEW]
 Creative Writing
 Digital Photography [NEW]
 Drama and Theatre Studies
 English Language
 English Literature
 Film Studies [NEW]
 Fine Art
 Graphic Design
 History & Heritage UCM
 Journalism [NEW]
 Media Studies [NEW]
 Radio Production [NEW]
 Television Production [NEW]
 Theology and Religious Studies

Certificate of Higher Education
 Ministry (Diocese of Chester)

Doctor of Ministry
 Doctor of Ministry (Mattersey Hall College)
 DMin (Spurgeon's)
 Doctor of Ministry (IBC)

Doctor of Professional Studies
 Practical Theology

Foundation Arts Degree
 Contemporary Photography (WVR College)
 Graphic Design (WVR College)
 Mission & Ministry (Diocese of Chester)
 Music Production and Sound Design
 Theology for Ministry (St John's) Foundation Arts Degree
 Theology Mission and Evangelism (The Light Project)

Graduate Diploma
 Theological Studies (Mattersey Hall College)
 Theology (IBC)
 Theology [UST]
 Theology (KEDS)
 Theology for Ministry (St John's)

Master by Research
 Arts and Media
 Gender Studies
 Modern Languages
 MRes in Applied Theology (Regents Theological College)
 Theology (Regents)

Master of Arts
 Applied Theology (Regents)
 Archaeology & Heritage Practice
 Archaeology of Death and Memory
 Biblical Studies (Mattersey Hall College)
 Broadcast Media
 Contemporary Church Leadership (UST)
 Creative Writing: Writing and Publishing Fiction
 English Language and Linguistics
 European Languages and Global Cultures
 Fine Art
 Military History
 Mission and Ministry (St John's)
 Missional Leadership (Mattersey Hall College)
 Missional Leadership (Regents)
 Modern and Contemporary Fiction
 Multiplatform Production
 Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
 Past Landscapes and Environments
 Pentecostal and Charismatic Studies (Regents Theological College)
 Popular Music
 Practical and Contextual Theology
 Practical Theology (Mattersey Hall College)
 Radio Production
 Religious Studies
 Television Production
 Theology (KEDS)
 Theology [IBC]
 War, Conflict and Society

Master of Science
 Museums Practice University Centre Shrewsbury
 Sustainable Heritage Practice University Centre Shrewsbury

Master of Theology
 Applied Theology (Regents)
 Theology (St John's)
 Theology in Scriptural Context (UST)

Postgraduate Certificate
 Applied Theology (Regents)

Postgraduate Diploma
 Practical Theology - Ministry Development (Diocese of Chester)
 Postgraduate Diploma in Theology [IBC]

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