Bachelor of Arts (Single Honours)
 Business and Digital Marketing (including Foundation Year) (Shrewsbury)
 Business and Digital Marketing (Shrewsbury)
 Business and Digital Marketing (including Placement Year) (Shrewsbury)
 Business Management (Shrewsbury)
 Business Management (including Foundation Year) (Shrewsbury)
 Business Management with placement year (Shrewsbury)
 Business Studies (UCS)
 Business Sustainability (including Placement Year) (Shrewsbury)
 Business Sustainability (Shrewsbury)
 Business Sustainability (including Foundation Year) (Shrewsbury)
 Childhood Studies with Applied Psychology (UCS)
 English at Shrewsbury
 Events and Festivals Management
 Events and Festivals Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Events and Festivals Management with Placement Year
 History University Centre Shrewsbury
 Musical Theatre

Bachelor of Science (Single Honours)
 Applied Psychology
 Banking and Finance (UCS) (including a Foundation Year)
 Banking and Finance (UCS)
 Biochemistry (including Foundation Year)
 Bioscience (University Centre Shrewsbury)
 Biotechnology (including Foundation Year)
 Business with Psychology (Shrewsbury)
 Genetics and Evolution (including Foundation Year)
 Genetics and Evolution
 Geography (UCS)
 Health and Exercise Science
 Health and Exercise Science (including Foundation Year)
 Medical Genetics (including Foundation Year)
 Medical Genetics
 Medical Science
 Medical Science (including Foundation Year)
 Sport Management
 Sport Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Sport Management with Placement Year (UCS)

Master of Arts
 Military History

Master of Science
 Exercise Medicine
 Museums Practice University Centre Shrewsbury
 Psychology in Society (Shrewsbury)
 Rural Health MSc
 Sustainable Heritage Practice University Centre Shrewsbury

Postgraduate Certificate
 Exercise Medicine
 Management Studies (UCS) and (GCM)
 Military History

Postgraduate Diploma
 Exercise Medicine
 Management Studies (UCS) and (GCM)
 Military History

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