Bachelor of Arts (Single Honours)
 Business Administration
 Business Management (Warrington - Pre 2016/2017 Entry)
 Business Management - Kensington College of Business
 Business Management SFU
 Business Management and Entrepreneurship (SFU) NOW WITHDRAWN
 Business Management with Placement Year (Pre 2016/17)
 Business Studies (SFU) NOW WITHDRAWN
 Business Studies
 Business Studies (IOM)
 Business Studies with placement year
 Event Management & Marketing IOM
 Event Management & Marketing IOM - Pre 2016/17
 Hospitality Management
 Hospitality Management (Dimensions)
 Hospitality Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Hospitality Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Hospitality Management (Pre 2016/17 entry)
 International Business with Placement Year Pre 2016-17 Entry
 Marketing (pre 2016/17 entry)
 Marketing and Advertising Management
 Marketing and Advertising Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Marketing and Advertising Management with placement year
 Marketing with placement year (pre 2016/17 entry)
 Sport Marketing and Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Sport Marketing and Management
 Sport Marketing and Management with Placement Year
 Sports Events Management
 Sports Events Management (including a Foundation Year)
 Sports Events Management with Placement Year
 Tourism Management with Placement Year (Pre 2016/17 Entry)

Bachelor of Science (Single Honours)
 Accounting and Finance (Dimensions)
 Accounting and Finance (SFU) NOW WITHDRAWN
 Business Fast Track
 Business Fast Track (including a Foundation Year)
 Business (Fast Track) with Placement Year

Bachelor of Arts (Level 6 only)
 Business Administration & Management (St. Helens College)

Master of Business (Integrated Master's)
 Integrated Master of Business

Bachelor of Arts (Combined Honours)
 Business (IOM)
 Business Management (Warrington)
 Business Management (Warrington Pre 2016/2017 Entry) (including Foundation Year)
 Business Management (Warrington Pre 2016/2017 Entry)
 International Business Pre 2016/2017 Entry
 International Business Management
 Sport Development
 Tourism (Pre 2016/17 Entry)

Bachelor of Science (Combined Honours)
 Sports Coaching

Foundation Arts Degree
 Visitor Economy (Coleg Cambria)

Foundation Certificate
 International Foundation Programme Business Studies

Graduate Certificate
 Pre Master's Programme Business and Management

Master of Business Administration
 Master of Business Administration (IoM)
 Master of Business Administration (GCM)

Master of Science
 Management (GCM)
 Management with Events Management
 Management with International Business
 Management with Marketing
 Sport, Leadership and Management
 Technology Management

Postgraduate Certificate

Postgraduate Diploma

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